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Arcade Game Rentals for Business Establishments Throughout New York

Since 1937, Emerson Amusement has been exclusively providing arcade game rentals for businesses, such as bars and restaurants, throughout the New York Tri-State area.

Our model of arcade machine revenue sharing has been a boon for businesses all over New York. At no cost to you, we’ll set up one or more of our amusement machines at your location. More patrons will flock to your location, and stay there longer. With leagues, tournaments, and other entertainment options, there are endless ways to engage your customers and get them to have fun!

Emerson Amusement offers a variety of arcade machine revenue sharing opportunities, including Jukeboxes, Skee & Beer Ball Machines, Pool Tables, Bar Top Computer Games, Pinball Machines, Photo Booths, ATMs and much more. In addition to providing quality amusement machines, Emerson also specializes in organizing events and leagues for popular games like Skee Ball, Big Buck Hunter, and Golden Tee Golf.

With more than 70 years of experience, Emerson Amusement is an industry leader that prides itself on providing outstanding entertainment product rentals and service for local businesses and events.


The Music and Videos You Want. The Entertainment You Deserve

The Digital Jukebox You Deserve. The next generation of jukeboxes is here. Digital Jukeboxes, Video Jukeboxes, Internet Jukeboxes… Connect your jukebox to all the TV’s in your establishment. We have the latest in Jukebox technology. Stand out with Emerson Amusement Jukeboxes.



Since 1937, Emerson Amusement has been providing bars, restaurants and special events in the Tri-State area with state of the art coin-operated entertainment solutions.



Our site is periodically updated with hot new products and will feature the latest info on new and upcoming arcade games and vending machines so please continue to visit us!



Check out the scene, size up the competition and meet the competitors! Join in on the fun by registering in an upcoming league. Win cash prizes, sports/concert tickets and more !

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