Merit Megatouch Aurora WS - Widescreen

Megatouch Aurora WS Countertop Non Coin Model Merit’s hot new Megatouch Aurora WS Non Coin delivers an expanded widescreen video experience to players ! Improved internals, more memory, a cooler, quieter
system, and widescreen play all come with the new Aurora WS Non Coin Model  The Aurora WS marks a revolutionary advance for Merit and touch-screen entertainment. The elegant and rounded design invites players with a dynamic multi-color light show that
extends the game beyond the screen. The Aurora features include a dazzling interactive LED light show viewable from all angles, and a big 19″ LCD screen !

Megatouch 2011 Software with Over 150 Games !

Megatouch 2011 comes with brand new games like
Boxxi Blitz, Word Dojo ?, Little Shop Road Trip,  Zombie Cats, Space Farmer Flick & Kick Football ▪ , Final Table Texas Hold ‘Em, Mystery Phraze,  Trix and “Penthouse Suite” including Penthouse Super Boxxi + Panty Bandits !

Megatouch Aurora WS Non Coin Model Features :

▪ Comes With 150 Touchscreen & Joystick Video Games
▪ Thousands of Trivia Questions and Photo Hunt Images
▪ Dynamic Halo of Light Viewable From All Directions !
▪ User Selectable / Player Interactive Light Shows
▪ Lighted Front Marquee Plus Game Joystick and Buttons
▪ Glide Tray-Mounted Electronics For Easy Service
Upgrades To Latest 2012 & 13 Game Packs Available !