Jukebox Rental

Jukebox Rental in New York City and Surrounding Areas

Emerson Amusement Company has the latest and greatest in Jukebox technology and can help you bring your patrons back to your establishment time and time again.  Good Music = Good Vibes.  Ask us about our Revenue Sharing Program.

AMI Internet Jukeboxes

 jukebox2AMI NGXAmi Internet Jukeboxes are stylish, sleek, and add more entertainment to your establishment. With an eye-catching design and thousands of music videos to choose from, the AMI Continental Music Video Jukebox sets a new standard for style and innovation.

It’s more entertainment for your patrons and more revenue for your location.

How Does It Work?

For an additional credit, song choices can be upgraded with an accompanying music video that plays on the connected screen. A distinct icon marks songs with available videos in search results and other menus. It’s simple, easy, and an effective way to boost revenue.

– Patrons can browse the top videos on the AMI network or choose from local favorites
– Music videos are intelligently offered at the purchase screen for supported songs
– Fully compatible with the AMI BarLink mobile app
– Video functionality requires a broadband connection and connected TV (not included)

If there’s no video playing, your Continental displays an eye-catching attract loop that promotes the music video features, along with clips from some of the coolest music videos available on the jukebox.

AMIAugust• Up to 300 local albums are accessible • More than 735,000 additional songs available online with weekly updates (broadband Internet connection required) • Jukebox selection includes music from Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, hundreds of indie labels, and local independent talent • Patrons can find their favorite music using pre-installed software that suggests additional songs that go well with songs they’ve already picked • Venue operators can create a selection of 1-credit albums by choosing a genre – promote the music that’s best for your atmosphere! • Boost revenue and create a secondary music selector by connecting with a Megatouch® countertop unit • Sync the jukebox to a Flickr account to add location photos • If there are technical issues, 24/7 technical support can access the jukebox remotely without requiring a visit Standard Base Jukeboxes Rentals: • 32″ monitor with configurable promotional belt • Core computer package houses hard drive, motherboard, power supply, and I/O controller all inside one easy-to service package. • 320GB 2.5″ SATA hard drive pre-installed with selectable music genre collections for any type of location • 4-channel preamplifier • ICEpower® 500 watt amplifier by Bang & Olufsen • 6-button wired remote • IR wireless remote Dimensions 31″H / 18.375″W / 6.75″D

Rock-Star Lx Internet Jukebox

ROCKSTARLX_headonThe Rock-Ola Rock Star Lx jukebox features an extra-large wall-mounted touchscreen that beckons to users throughout your venue. A top-of-the-line Peavey® amp pumps out thousands of fan-pleasing jams, non-stop. Plus, dedicated technical support that comes with this jukebox rental guarantees that the party keeps jumping late into the night.

Download the New AMI Bar Link App!

Ami Bar Link App
The AMI Bar Link app lets patrons find, purchase, and play music on your jukebox rental without leaving their seats – making it easier to increase revenue. It’s free and full of great features that make it like the jukebox is in the palm of your hand! AMI Bar Link users have been shown to increase weekly collections by an average of 55%. Why?

  • AMI Bar Link promotes your venue to app users
  • Patrons love the convenience and cool factor of mobile control
  • Patrons enjoy the anonymity mobile control provides
  • Mobile control eliminates the need to wait your turn at the jukebox, allowing multiple patrons to make music selections at once
  • More music means more wet sales

Now available for iPhone and Android!

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